Tuesday, 20 February 2007


With the AFL season fast approaching it's time to start scouting new talent and sorting through the current crop in an effort to take out the big dollars, or even just beat your mates in your private AFL Dream Team league. As most of you have participated before would know, the aim of the game is to use your team sallary cap in the most effective way to pick a team that will score as many points as possible over the 22 round Australian Football Leauge season.

There are many diferent approaches you can use to put your team together. It can be a massive balancing act in trying to pick a team that will score you big points from round one or bank on a number of young players price value increasing to a point that you can use the money you have made with these players to gradually improve your team as the season progresses. With an emphasis on increasing you overall team value.

The Key to finding these big money earners is trying to choosing the right 1st year players. This is not as simple as choosing the top AFL draft picks even though the top 5 have gone to the bottom clubs meaning that they will most likely play alot of games in 2007. So basically when selecting your young guns look at those that play for clubs that are struggling a little or in 'rebuilding phase'. And then the question. But how many 1st year players should you select?

The other way of selecting players that will make you big bucks is to look for players that where injured for the 2006 AFL season and played less than 3 games. As there price will be minimal. Of course in doing this you have the risk that they may re-injure themselves. But a risk worth taking in most cases. Do you pick up Darcy, Hadley, or even some of the past year top draftees that have never or barely made it on the paddock, Like Tom Williams for instance?

Which ever angle you take no doubt there will be many hours lost researching and pondering your final line-up before lockout at season start. So all the best for the footy season ahead.

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