Thursday, 15 May 2008

Peaking Cash Cows

If you are lucky enough to be in a position to be able to down grade this week. And not still reeling over the massive backline dilemma, here are a a list of a few guys that are ready to be offloaded. It is time to bring in the big guns and these guys are on the chopping block.


Josh Hill: If you still have him has has to go has been lucky to keep his spot for this long and will struggle to make the final cut this week. Hill has definitely peaked and is ripe for a trade.

Bernie Vince: Vince has maxed out for the time being and with the huge amount of under priced forwards on the market would be a perfect upgrade option.

Cyril Rioli: Not quite ready but close enough when you consider that and of the value forward options will most likely increase equally in dollar value as Rioli if not more over the next 5 weeks. Rioli has been a great Cow for most Dream Teamers but his time is just about up.

Possible pick ups B Johnson, S Johnson, J Brown, M Richardson, Chapman. All great value and will not be at that price for long.


Cale Morton: He is ready to go, with 3 low scores in a row now and little signs of change in the near future. Would take quite a few weeks for him to turn it around cash wise and by then the bird has flown.

Bachar Houli: Like Rioli he is one you could hold for a few more weeks as he is still in great form and only getting better. Should max out at just over 300k though and with gun mids of such importance it could be time to say bye bye bachar.

If you are looking to downgrade Browne from Carlton is the obvious choice. If an upgrade is on your menu players like Joel Corey, Sam Mitchell, Heath Scotland or Anthony Carrazzo could be good options.


Ellis: Started the season great but his form has tapered off dramatically. his price has peaked and is on the decline. with his limited game time of an avg of %70 for the season)not looking like changing to soon Ellis (if by some miracle you don't have bigger probs in your backs) has had his time and could be a viable upgrade player.

Phieffer: Looks like he has blown his chance for the moment and if your Cash Cows in other positions are not flourishing might be worth a down grade for a cheeky 100k. Phieffer looks as though he will find it tough to break in to the blues line up especially with Thornton and Hartlett to return.

As far as backs go cheap options are few and far between with Garrick Ibbotson (Freo) looking like the only reliable option atm. Those with some cash to spend would look no further than the likes of Milburn (might wait a week though due to injury cloud) P. Burgoyne seams to be hitting form after confidence boosting Performance for the Dream Team. Josh Drummond who is a little pricey but will rack up the points. maybe give him a look for a week also, and Brendon Goddard who had made a steady start after his knee reco. and should only improve.

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