Thursday, 4 February 2010

Early Intra Club Stand outs

West Coast's Intra-Club Match:

Masten could be ready to light it up this season, Sumich spoke glowingly of his performance in their recent intra club hit out. Ebert, Shuey and Kerr also performed well. (click to read full report)

Kangaroos Intra-Club Match:

Cruize Garlett was named best on round by both Thomas and Firrito who were guest commenators on the Kangaroos website. The almost forotten man Robbie Tarrant was also solid in his surprising backline role.

Lindsay Thomas: "Best players were Cruize Garlett who was pretty clean around the stoppages and had a good workrate, Robbie Tarrant down back and Marcus White, who repelled everything out of defence. Matty Campbell was exciting up forward as usual. It was a good first up hit-out for the boys. Thanks for reading our blog tonight."
Michael Firrito: "The boys got a little bit tired towards the end. The ball movement was good and the skills continued to improve in the second half. Best players in my opinion were Cruize Garlett, Brent Harvey, Robbie Tarrant down back, young Brayden Norris and rookie Marcus White. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Go Roos!"

Essendons Intra-Club Match:

Essendon played there intra-club at Shepparton and have kindly given us a very indept assesment on the two teams performances. The highlight being a super impressive return of the big Gumby. 

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