Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Walker into Dream Team Calculations!

Taylor Walker would not be one on many peoples Dream Team watch lists this pre season. He was just OK last year possibly making his owners enough cash before dumping his inconsistent cash cow arse. He finished the year averaging 51 and comes to this season with the fairly reasonable price tag of $221,000. This may not seem like great value when you think of the stay at home full forward type Walker was last season. But with Tippet making the goal square his own walker has been forced further up the ground meaning he has had to develop more of an all-round game. Walker has done just this. Reports are that he has worked extremely hard on strengthening his body as well as his endurance. Running 3km time trials equal to that of the mid-fielders. According to assistant coach David Noble the plan is for him to play more of a McLeod like Half Forward come Mid-Field role.  I'm not saying lock him in or anything crazy but with some more game time in the last NAB cup round he may just hit a decent point return and show us a glimpse of things to come. Slotting him in to the Dream Team over the likes of Ballantyne and Dangerfield may be a gamble but Walker may just repay the faith.


Anonymous said...

Well... that's very interessting but frankly i have a hard time determining it... wonder how others think about this..

james said...

hey thanks for the advice, can u email you me dream team for your advice?

james said...

Yes please provide some advice on my team!! thank m8.

1. Enright, C
2. Carrazzo, A
3. Hodge, L
4. Brown, M
5. O'hAilpin, S
6. Suckling, M
7. Hunt, J
23. Davis, P (SUB)
24. Trengove, J (SUB)

8. Ablett, G
9. Bartel, J
10. Dal Santo, N
11. Cooney, A
12. Kerr, D
13. Banner, M
25. Shuey, L (SUB)
26. Kayler-Thomson, J (SUB)

14. Krezer, M
15. Naitanui, N
27. Warnock, R (SUB)
28. Lobbe, M (SUB)

16. Riewoldt, N
17. Goodes, A
18. Brown, J
19. Pavlich, M
20. Walker, T
21. Hall, B
22. Ballantyne, H
29. Rockliff, T (SUB)
30. Gumbleton, S (SUB

brookzy said...

Team looks pretty good! Maybe go for a solid starter in your back reserves Like McGuire. He looks to have the CHB spot locked in at te Lions. Not sure Trengrove will get a start for a while. Davis also a doubt. I would Take Kennely over O'hAilpin. I normaly spend in the Rucks but who's to say what Nic Nat will be by seasons end so I won't say don't pick him that's for sure! Maybe if you can squeeze a little cash out of your mids I'd upgrade Kruiser to a McIntosh, I just don't see a lot of upside to Kruiser this year with more forward line action on the cards. Good luck with the season James and no doubt after the weekend aheads NAB challene games our teams will start to sort them selves out.