Sunday, 30 January 2011

One for the Watchlist!

Nick Duigan

Mature age players are on every Dream Team coach's radar this yr. After the likes of J-POD and Barlow last season put the gun state league players in the spotlight we are all looking for this yrs versions. Nick played a cracking finals series for Norwood in the SANFL last yr and was picked up at pick 70 in the this years pre-season draft.

Mature-aged recruit Nick Duigan was also impressive, as he amassed a number of possessions and displayed great composure off half-back.
The 2010 draft smoky can consider himself a certainty to be named in Carlton's NAB Cup team to face Richmond and Collingwood at Etihad Stadium on February 12.
"As a 26-year-old he sees the opportunity as a big one in his life and you can see that in the way he plays," Ratten said.
"He's very hard at it and wants to make a big splash at our football club."

So keep a close eye on him during the NAB cup as he is sure to be priced at rookie price but with the hard body of a senior AFL player.

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