Monday, 28 February 2011

Craig talks up Callinan

In a recent Neil Craig Q&A on the Crows website Neil talks highly of Callinan pushing his claims for a birth in my Dream Team for 2011. Is he on your radar?

The club has an opening on its senior list to play a nominated rookie as early as round one of the season proper. Rookies Ian Callinan and Matt Wright both played in the first round of the NAB Cup, but is it fair to say Callinan is leading that race?
"Ian has been very good in his preparation the whole pre-season and I thought his performance the other Friday night…the longer he played the more comfortable he looked and that was to be expected.
He certainly noticed the change in speed compared to the SANFL, but he adapted really well. Whether he can continue the improvement to warrant a position on the senior list and to fill that vacancy, I'm open minded about it. From what I've seen so far Ian should've been in the system four or five years ago. Senior coaches, recruiters and I owe him an apology. I had an opportunity to recruit him just as all the other clubs did five years ago, but we thought we were too smart."
Later in reference to Adelaide's forward line set up Craig also mentions McKernan as well as Callinan so both look to be in his plans.
"If we can keep Jason Porplyzia up there fit and healthy with Dangerfield, Ricky Henderson, Chris Knights, Taylor Walker, Shaun McKernan - because I thought he showed a bit last weekend - and maybe a Callinan… we've got those types of players who can go through the forward line, so we have some talent there. We've just got to make sure we don't just rely on Kurt to be able to take a strong contested mark. We need to share the workload."
As stated in my recent post Callinan comes in at the juicy Mature Rookie price of $80,400 (M/F)
McKernan in his 2nd year is also dual Pos. and is priced at $97,600 (F/B)

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