Sunday, 25 March 2007

Dream Team - Game On!

The time has come fellow dream teamers. The time wives and girlfriends dread. I don't just speak of AFL season its self, but of course what this signifies. The start of 'AFL Dream Team' for 2007. Some of you may have a few players in mind, some may have been researching for months but either way you will be loosing countless hours over the next week trying to sort out your team before kick off on Friday. For those who take Dream Team pretty serious or even would just like an edge to help you beat your smarty mate. The one that has boasting the entire preseason about how he beat you last year and will do it again, here are a few tips for the season to come :

The most important of all is to focus on selecting players that are what you consider to be undervalue. Fill your team with as many of these as possible, be it through form drop or injury last season. Because the key to high scores is adding value to your team as the rounds go by. Yet again this year, probably even more so than ever there are quite a few of these bargains floating around. here are a few must haves for this year:

Nathan Brown:
Recovering from a broken leg and playing a lot of the season with a plate in his leg never reached the previous standard that we know he can produce. Will make at least $100,000 if you can fit him into your team. Current price: $235,600. A steal.

Luke Darcy:
Another much talked about and cruel injured star. Darcy has not played since 2004 but his pre season has been very encouraging and would suggest he can pick up where he left off before injury. Current price: $166,900. Will most likely finished the season valued over $300,000.

Nigel Lappin:
This tripple premiership star also missed the entire 2006 season there for has been given the very generous price tag of $196,400. His value will race up over the $300,000 dollar mark by round 6 or 7 so make sure he is a definite starter in your side.

Jed Adcock:
A young star of the future, already showing poise and skill beyond his age. Only injury last season stopped his price tag from reaching close to $300,000 last year so at $158,600 snap him up while you have the chance.

If I mentioned any more I would be giving to much away. These are the obvious ones, but with a little research you will find there a quite a few more with similar stories. Good luck and enjoy!

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