Monday, 2 April 2007


One round down, Hope all the research has paid off and the hot tips for big up and comers for the year ahead is well on track. Some people may disagree but my theory is that you need to trade hard and smart for the next two weeks. With prices set to fluctuate at the end of round 3 you have just 4 changes to make during that time. any obvious blunders need to be sorted out and you need to pick 4 players that are achieving well above there price range. Easiest way to do this is to sort go through stats centre, be it on 'AFL Dream Team', or 'Super Coach' and check out the highest ranked players for the week, with an emphasis placed on seeking out the bargains. There are plenty out there already just one week in. You may see it as a little impatient to be trading already as form can be so volatile, but some one you were looking at buying at the end round two for $140,000 may have sky rocketed to over $200,000 by price change at end of week 3 so don't miss out, start your moves this week.

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