Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The Big 4 Trades

The next 2 weeks gives you the opportunity to make up to 4 changes. These are the most important trades you will make all season. Choosing the right players that will continue to make you dollars or maybe even be good enough to hold there position is the key to Dream Team success. The earlier you can find these Dream Team super stars the more money you will make and the more you will to help your quest of stacking your team full of guns asap.

Although we are just one round down in the AFL season and of course the Dream Team competition, you may have already had some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises relating to the performance of your team. It may seem harsh to drop a player after just one week especially with trades being like gold over the long 22 round season. But if you have spent big dollars on him it only takes one bad score over the first three rounds and his average will be below par and his value will drop accordingly. There are obviously two options, firstly trade him for someone maybe a lot cheaper who's score was through the roof in round one, like a Brennan, Jacobs or even Young, who would all have to break down not to gain value after there 1st up efforts, whether they continue this form is of course very debatable, but that's another story. The second option is to ride the wave and hope he can make up for his poor start and that the player will average out to a decent level in the end.

I say, use the next to weeks to pick up any likely cash cows that you may have missed in your pre season research or surprise packets that have got under all of our guards before price change at the completion of round 3. The more of these you can successfully detect the better your score will finish up. Any the more likely it will be that you take at the flag in your league.