Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Dream Team Buys of the Week

There are plenty of bargains going around this week in Dream Team land and with a lot of the 'Cash Cows' we bought early in the season at there peak or almost there it might be time for an upgrade or two? Players such as Joel Selwood, Alwyn Davey, Hadley, Nathan Ablett to name just a few are ready to be shipped out and upgraded for some Top shelf Dream Teamers who are going at more than reasonable prices here's a few:

Heath Shaw received a corky in the early minutes last week and is a test this week if he comes up look at grabbing him before round 13. As he will be hanging on to the 9 points game until then. This should drop him to the 230-240k mark, making him way under value and a must have recruit.

Lenny Hayes even after his 106 on the weekend Lenny is Still a great buy at $328,400 down $79,00 from his original asking price. After spending most of this season being eased back from injuries Lenny has found him self only playing more than 80% game time once this season so look for him to start pumping out the big 100's as his fitness reaches his peak and his TOG increases.

Daniel Kerr another gun midfielder going cheap at the moment. If you want Kerr grab him this week or next as he will drop the 35 he scored in round 5 this week and his price tag of $296,200 will be a distant memory as he is a good thing to rediscover his early season form after a 2 week break through suspension.

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