Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Form drops ready to bounce back

Most of things guys have had an injury of some discription or maybe just a bit of poor these such players could be very handy additions to your Dream Team at a disounted price:

Lenny Hayes (StK): Down $71,000 at could drop more after this week unless he puts a big score together Hayes would be a great buy with a price tag that can only go one way. And that is of course up.

Ben Johnson (Coll): Johnson has dropped a massive $82,100 and sits at the juicey price of $287,200 so gobble him up now before he gets back to the $330,000 mark that he is worth.

Troy Simmonds (Rich): After being injured in the early minutes of his round 6 clash he has a 7 as his most recent score this will be included in his price average for the next to weeks which will drop him even further to around the $260,000 mark $110,000 less than his origonal asking price after a stellar 2006.

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