Thursday, 10 May 2007

Cash Cows Of the week

Cleve Hughes: Cleve played just 3 games last season with out having a major impact but did show signs that he had plenty of talent. In his 2 matches this season he has Dream Team scores of 72 against West Coast and 87 in the thumping dished out by the Cats. With an Average of 79.5 and a price tag of just $89,000 Hughes could provide a great cash injection as well as be a handy reserve for the season ahead. Especialy seeing as Richmond have written off the season and have adopted a youth policy.

Ricky Petterd: I won't say to much about Ricky as I spoke about him after his first up performance but if you are looking for a hand Centre that will make you some good dollars. Look no further averaging 86 and coming off a massive 101 last week his price will sky rocket so it's now or never if you intend to add hime to your Dream Team.


Andrew said...

petterd gone with a hammy mate.

Kelvin said...

Jesse Smith is THE 'Cash Cow of the week!'

Craig said...

Hey brookzy. Thanks for adding our link to your site. Just letting you know that it doesn't seem to work, as you have added an extra http//
Would appreciate it greatly if you could get working.
Love the blog by the way, I check back once a week for new posts. Keep it going mate!
I have also start a new Dreamteam Forum if you would like to join -

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