Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Cash Cows of Round 9

Mitch Morton (W.C): As far as centres go Morton would have to be the biggest bubble about to burst when it comes to quick cash injections at $117,800 he averages a handy 71 from his 2 matches. Of course one more match and his price will rocket and if he can just put together another 70 he should shoot straight to 150k and it's only onwards and upwards from there.

Clint Bizzle (Melb): After a very patchy couple of years with injuries resulting in his bargin Dream Team price Clint will hopefully be able to put some good footy together this year. With scores of 42 and 80 giving him a 61 average to date he would make a very handy reserve as he is likely to maintain his spot and level out at about a 60-65 average for the season. His price sits at $127,600 and will continue to rise up to the mid to low 200's.

Mitch Clark (Bris): Obvious one I know but how could I leave him out Bris fans have been waiting for his return after a promising start to his career was hampered by injuries. Arrive he did with 5 goals in a loosing team against Collingwood. With minimal forward options other than Brown and the high wraps put on Clark he is likely to play the rest of the season and should take his price tag of 177k up to the 250k mark if his current form continues.

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